Pennies from Heaven Fundraising for 2 Li’l Fishes Lunch Program–2

We call this “Pennies from Heaven” because we asked our members and friends to bring in that jar, that bag of pennies and other coins that’s been accumulating on their dresser to help us raise money for our 2 Li’l Fishes lunch program.  Every penny counts!

Summertime?  People don’t tend to think of people going hungry at this time of year.  But even though the weather is beautiful, there are still people who struggle to get enough to eat.

Thanks for your support!

Hunger Walk, Saturday, June 25th–Come Walk with Us!

2LFThe Peoples Church and Two Li’l Fishes invite you to walk with our team in the Greater Chicago Food Depository’s 31st Hunger Walk. Step-off begins at 8:30 a.m. at Jackson Park on Chicago’s South Side (6401 South Stony Island Avenue) and ends at noon.  For every person who walks for Two Li’l Fishes/Preston Bradley Center (Agency A00512), we will receive $12.00.  Register to walk at Our fundraising page is at Donations for our six-day a week free lunch program where we serve 60 neighbors each day are greatly appreciated. For more information, contact the church office at 773-784-6633 or

What’s Going On?

This is an update of what’s going on in and around our community.  You can learn more at The Coffee Hour 11AM every Sunday at Peoples Church.  Check it out!

GOING ON at Peoples Church…

The Coffee Hour

Every Sunday at 11AM, music, art, volunteering and more

2 Li’l Fishes Lunch Program

Come to serve, come to eat, or both

FREE Meal for all who come

Thursdays through Tuesdays at 11:30

Interfaith Meditation Group

Most Thursdays,  7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Friday, January 8, 2016, 7:30 p.m.

with live music from singer-songwriter Heather Styka, Molly’s Cafe, fresh-brewed coffee and Ludie’s yummy lemon bars or other goodies.

Uptown Writing Group

Sunday, June 19, 2016,  1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

We use prompts to spark the creative writing of those who assemble. Join us!

around uptown…

Buddhist Meditation

Thurs 7:30-9PM, Buddhist Temple of Chicago


The Coffee Hour Launch

tch jam 2

This week is our official launch of The Coffee Hour!  The goal of The Coffee Hour is for people to have experiences that help them become better people and create a better world together – especially people who wouldn’t normally be interested in going to church.

Each week we will have art from Uptown Arts Center on display and acoustic music on the auditorium stage (musicians welcome – bring an instrument), followed by some kind of program such as a creative writing workshop, serving a free lunch, a facilitated discussion, etc.  For example, April 12th will feature a special session of our Interfaith Meditation Group at 1PM, and on April 19th we’ll have the Uptown Writing Group.  Guests at The Coffee Hour will also learn about other events going on throughout the week, both at Preston Bradley Center and throughout Uptown, and Meetup members will get an email with a fresh list of events every week. Opportunities that come up throughout the week will be posted on the facebook page.  Every event listed is free and is something that feeds the soul and builds community in our neighborhood.

So come and check out The Coffee Hour – Caffeine for the soul!

Spring Celebration Fundraiser


Spring Celebration Fundraiser

Saturday, March 21st

941 W. Lawrence Avenue


Ludie’s 5th Annual Prayer Breakfast Eggstravaganza!

Don’t miss this annual fundraiser for the pastor’s salary, with delicious breakfast foods, and Ludie’s baked goodies for sale!

Feed your body & your soul

      $15 donation

In Molly’s Café, floor 3 ½

And the same day:


Peoples Church/ Preston Bradley Center Treasure Sale!

Bring your donations before March 14, and bring your wallet on the 21st to claim these treasures before we ship them off!

In the Auditorium, main floor


Seth Fisher, Community Development Minister

This is an exciting time for me, and for Peoples Church. I’m at O’Hare right now, waiting for my flight to California for a program called Beyond the Call: Entrepreneurial Ministry. It’s a program for ministers who are working on doing ministry in new and exciting ways, and I’ve been invited because of the work we’re doing at Peoples Church, especially with The Coffee Hour. The Coffee Hour is an opportunity for people to come together in community to become better people and create a better world together through personal growth, art, music, volunteering, discussions, political action. If you haven’t heard about The Coffee Hour yet, you can find more information at

The-Coffee-Hour,, or just come to church any Sunday at 11:00!

So I’m excited about my trip and about collaborating with other Unitarian Universalist Ministers, United Church of Christ ministers and progressive Rabbis from all over north America – and I’m not complaining about getting away from the snow and ice for a few days either. But my thoughts are definitely going to be in Chicago on Sunday as the congregation gets together for the annual meeting. Especially because this is the Sunday when the church will vote on whether or not to ordain me at the end of the month. This is a big moment for me. Many years of planning and schoolwork, internships, recommendations, interviews, background checks, psychological evaluations, a lot of borrowed money and countless gallons of coffee have gone into this, and it all comes down to this congregational vote.

This is an important moment for the church too. It’s important because this is where we see that the highest authority in the church is the people, the community, the body of Christ. None of the preparation could make me an ordained minister in our tradition. The degrees, the recognition of the denomination, the internships, etc. don’t mean anything without a congregation that recognizes my call to ministry. In fact, none of the rest of that stuff is even strictly necessary. Our congregation has the authority to ordain anyone that it feels is called to ministry. It’s called congregational polity and it’s exercised most visibly at each ordination.

It’s a great reminder that we ordain ministers to a particular job as leaders – not set apart or set above the community, because the community includes us all and the community is the highest authority.

And this isn’t just the case with ordained professional ministry. We’re all called to some ministry or another. We can’t all be ordained religious professionals (thank God for that. We’d all starve!) but all of us have some special gift to share with the world and it’s a gift that we will only fully realize when we share it with others in community. So, pending the vote of the congregation on February 1st, I invite you to attend my ordination on February 22nd at 4:00. And more importantly, I invite you to think about your own calling. What is it that your heart is calling you to share with the world? As Frederick Beuchner said, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” And I would add that wherever that place is, we’ll get there together.