Support for Isaac Barrantine

December 21, 2017

Friends and Family,

We come to you humbly. Isaac G. Barrantine, Sr., has lived his dream and vision of helping and feeding the homeless for over 16 years, “one plate at a time” and from that vision, 2 Li’l Fishes Free Lunch Program has helped to feed hundreds of people on the north side of Chicago weekly.

For the past two years, Isaac has been dealing with health problems, but continued to greet people and coordinate the 2 Li’l Fishes Program.

On September 19, 2017, Isaac suffered three heart attacks and major organ failures, which has led to many complications. Isaac was hospitalized for three months and has just returned home from the Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital to continue his long road to recovery. This ordeal has taken a major toll – mentally, physically, and most importantly, financially on the family.

Currently, any financial help would be greatly appreciated so that Isaac can continue this recovery. The Peoples Church of Chicago has established a restricted fund for Isaac G. Barrantine, Sr., to which you all may donate. Please click here or at the link above to donate with a debit or credit card or through PayPal.

Things that may be donated for Isaac to use at home as he continues his recovery include such items as a hospital bed, wheelchair, wheelchair lift or ramp to enter the house, and other home health items.

Any help is greatly appreciated and would help assist Isaac in his continuing recovery and in working to keep his vision of 2 Li’l Fishes vibrant.

Thank you and may God bless!

Rev. Susan Harlow, Pastor
The Peoples Church of Chicago
941 W Lawrence Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640

Other contacts:
Linda Dortch-Barrantine (wife)
4911 W Kamerling
Chicago, IL 60624

Isaac G. Barrantine, Jr. (son)

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