Ministry Team

Jean Darling, Senior Minister

I’m a born-and-raised Unitarian-Universalist, with a life-long love of peace and economic justice, and cut my teeth in the anti-war movement of the 1960s.  My mother was a come-outer from a Southern fundamentalist family and loved wildflowers and the natural world; my dad was an atheist who loved science and history, and I embrace the gifts they both gave me.

As a person who’s always had a foot in two worlds, Peoples Church has been a great place for me to pastor for the past seven years. We’re Christian and Unitarian, theist and agnostic, gay and straight, black, white and brown.  It’s Jesus’ model of loving our neighbor that brings us together.

I love stories, dance, music, and integrating the arts into worship.  The interfaith, justice, and peace traditions of Peoples Church are dear to me, and we plan to continue the traditions of our great heretic ancestors here, Hiram Washington Thomas and Preston Bradley by being just ahead of the curve in our worship and our actions in the world.  You are welcome here!


M. Susan Harlow, Pastor

I have a long interest in urban ministry and am delighted to be here at the Peoples Church as Pastor.  We are a myriad of folks here-some homeless, some housed, some formerly homeless, black, white and brown, college educated and those without diplomas, elders, “baby boomers,” Gen X, and “Millenials,” as well as many more descriptors for the fabulous people who call the Peoples Church home.  I want to provide leadership in worship and organizationally so that the Peoples Church can make a real difference in the lives of our members, our neighbors, the wider community and city.  The Peoples Church has a long history of social justice advocacy and providing food for those in need.  Our 2 Li’l Fishes lunch program serves a hot meal six days a week.  All are welcome here!