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                    "A Spiritual Home for People of Conscience"


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Second Friday!







~ PC Coffeehouse ~

An Evening Of Live Jazz, World Music, Folk Music

Second Friday,  

July 11, 2014

Coffeehouse - Live Music at 7:30pm

David Drake


Wisconsin troubadour David HB Drake has spent over thirty years presenting concerts at fine arts centers, festivals, schools, community centers and concert stages throughout the Midwest. This panorama of history, natural beauty and discovery is performed on guitar, concertina, dulcimer, banjo, and Native American Flute.  David is regularly seen at festivals and tourism sites such as Irish Fest, Bastille Days, County Fairs and local Festivals, Old World Wisconsin and Milwaukee's Pier Wisconsin. 

David's original songs can be heard on the "Simply Folk" programs on Wisconsin Public Radio, and he has been played on folk radio programs from Victoria BC to the Netherlands. David has performed on tall ships on the Atlantic, Pacific, and Great Lakes and is the resident musician for the Wisconsin flagship, the Lake schooner "Denis Sullivan."





in Molly’s Café (floor 3 1/2 - not wheelchair accessible)

Coming up in the Coffeehouse, we're excited to present these fine performers:


Andina & Rich

Chris Castle

Marilyn Middleton

and more to come! Stay tuned!

If you are a musician just starting out and would like a venue, or know of musicians who are looking for a place to stretch their wings, call Rev. Jean at 773-784-6633.

Help create the Coffeehouse in Molly’s Café

941 W. Lawrence – 3rd floor

  Preston Bradley Center

artists & events the Coffeehouse has hosted:


Mac Bellner

SongSisters - Sue Fink, Patti Shaffner, Amy Dixon-Kolar

Jano Brindisi

Cheshire Moon

February Sky

Brian QTN (Cutean)

Kristin Cotts

Jacqueline Sylvie and Victor Sanders

Guyz with Bad Eyes

Amy Dixon-Kolar

Marilyn Middleton Mellor

Heather Styka

Linda Boyle

Margaret J Nelson

Andina & Rich, Sandy Andina and Stephen Lee Rich

Katie Dahl

Kristin Lems

Lee Murdoch

Mark Dvorak 

Steve Justman

Michael Smith

Shanta Storyteller

Awesome Folk Band

The Hollands!

Jean T. Arrigo

Sue Fink

Andrew Calhoun, of

a "Not My Poetry" Slam, with a great variety of favorites

Kristin Lems and Joe Jencks

"Cole and Campbell," with Steven Cole, ukulele and vocals and Campbell McNeal, piano

“The Unit Of Two” Jazz Duo - Sam Mohammed