The Peoples Church of Chicago

941 W. Lawrence Avenue in Uptown... just West of Lake Shore Drive;  East of red line el at Lawrence stop

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                    "A Spiritual Home for People of Conscience"


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Second Friday!







~ Film Night ~

Upcoming Film/ Movie

The line-up for winter:

January 27:  "Let the Church Say Amen!" (documentary, 2004) – The World Missions for Christ Church exists inside a small storefront in Washington, D.C. While the city government lacks funds and power, this little church reaches out to face homelessness, violence, and drug addiction head-on, as missionaries seek out those who have been left behind by poverty and injustice.  Faith is a force of hope and inspiration within a crumbling, neglected city.  With popcorn, and discussion following.

February 24:  "Lemon Tree" (drama based on a true story, 2008) - A widow living from her grove of lemon trees in the occupied West Bank must contend with Israeli authorities fencing off her grove for “security reasons” - and without her care, the trees will die.  In this allegory, does David stand a chance against Goliath?  

March 23:  comedy

Each Fourth Friday, 6pm, is Film/Movie Night - Join us for popcorn and the movie, with discussion afterwards.  We are showing films in a new cycle of drama, comedy, documentary.