The Peoples Church of Chicago

941 W. Lawrence Avenue in Uptown... just West of Lake Shore Drive;  East of red line el at Lawrence stop

P.O. Box 408319, Chicago, IL  60640-8319     773-784-6633    fax:  773-784-6760    email:


                    "A Spiritual Home for People of Conscience"


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Second Friday!







~ Goals ~

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Use your imagination to picture what you would like to see in the future.  Let it run wild!  What do we want Peoples Church to look like in five years?  Ten?  Twenty?

   Our inner selves

Who will be in the congregation?  How many of us?  What kind of people?

What will services look like, sound like, feel like?

How will we visibly invite people in, on Sunday morning?  How will we welcome people, include them, and help them become integrated into the congregation?  How will we welcome children?

  Our role in the community

How will we visibly show our values to the community, outside the building?

How will we connect with the community around the church, on a daily, or an on-going basis?

How will we be making a difference in the community?