The Peoples Church of Chicago

941 W. Lawrence Avenue in Uptown... just West of Lake Shore Drive;  East of red line el at Lawrence stop

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                    "A Spiritual Home for People of Conscience"


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Second Friday!







~ Mapping a Future ~

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   Who do we want to be?

Let our curiosity be re-ignited, about one another, about the people in the building, about the neighbors, about the changes going on in the neighborhood.  Let us question the way we've always done things, and wonder about other ways of accomplishing the same things.

Who do we want to be?  What are the concepts of love, justice and wholeness that we want to embody?  What are the apparent obstacles?  What are our assets, the possible opportunities?

   Method - Praxis

Before we as a church in and of Uptown can know what to do, we need to

A wise person said that it takes three tries before you get something right.  We don't want to give up too quickly, nor do we want to hang onto projects that aren't working as we'd like them to.  We want to be light on our feet, be able to shift gears - thoughtfully! - be able to learn and go deeper, as the situation and our learning inform us.

   Grounding - The City as Living Being

A city is an organism, and like any other living entity, it can be healthy only if all its parts are healthy.  If people with drug problems are ignored, then gangs and homelessness and crime flourish.  If people with mental illness are left to their own devices without care and safety, then they may be picked on - even murdered;  they may become victims or victimize others.  If people cannot find affordable housing and a network of support, they suffer.  If legitimate avenues for economic success are closed, then people will find illegal ways to make a living.

A beautiful and accessible city contributes to the well-being of all its citizens.  A city with stable neighborhoods develops the kind of networks that support people in good and in hard times.  When people spend a dollar in a locally-owned store, the value of that dollar is multiplied seven times before leaving the neighborhood.  

Beauty contributes to health.  When trees are planted, the crime rate drops.  When people have some control over conditions and decisions about their neighborhoods, they feel ownership, and take pride in where they live.  Neighborhoods with room for all levels of economic activity will be lively, interesting and enjoyable places to live.

Our role as active people in a community church is to understand Uptown as a vital organ in the body politic, and to participate with local people in helping the powers that be recognize its value.  Our role is to do what we can to highlight its existing resources and potentials, to find the surplus and engage it for new use, to nurture the free and caring spirit of this place, and to generate creative responses to its problems.

Let's begin to dream together!