The Peoples Church of Chicago

941 W. Lawrence Avenue in Uptown... just West of Lake Shore Drive;  East of red line el at Lawrence stop

P.O. Box 408319, Chicago, IL  60640-8319     773-784-6633    fax:  773-784-6760    email:


                    "A Spiritual Home for People of Conscience"


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~ Resources ~


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To succeed, we need to begin with what we have to work with.  What are our resources right now, in terms of people, the building, the neighborhood, our contacts in the wider world?  

   The Congregation

Thirty-some adults, black and white, mostly living in Chicago within a mile or two of the Church...  What are our skills?  What are our interests?  What is our life situation?  

To get to know each other at a deeper level, it would be valuable to get together in small groups and talk about our spiritual paths - how did we get where we are today?  What were the bumps, the questions, the doubts, the epiphanies, the lessons learned along the way?  Who were our mentors?  What books or experiences have been touchstones for us? 


   The Building

Preston Bradley Center is a huge old building, six stories tall, and grand in design.  It has a generous sanctuary on the first floor and rising four stories, with two balconies and seating for 1500.  On the lower floor is a large dining hall and a kitchen equipped for serving meals to the public.  The second floor holds church offices.  

The 5th floor has a hall rented to Christ Pentecostal, an African church;  the fourth floor is home to REST's medical clinic and offices, and to the two-story grand ballroom, currently used to store furniture and clothing for the shelter.

On 3 1/2 East and West are long, pleasant rooms with windows.  East is rented by REST.  West is used for meetings, classes, and could be used as a space for children's services.

Some ways in which the building can be used by the community include:

After-school Youth programs 
Adult evening programs
What else can you think of?

   The Community

Uptown is incredibly diverse, with some 130 languages spoken in local schools.  It includes rich and poor, educated and illiterate.

How can we see these qualities as resources?

Some ways for Peoples Church to interact with the community can include 

ESL programs
Arts/Music/Theater programs
Youth programs (e.g., Girl Scouts, tutoring, Our Whole Lives (OWL) UCC/UU sexuality education)
What other possibilities can you think of?